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Resolutions for IRS Tax Problems Ohio Residents Face

Attorney Len Stauffenger, Esq., represents the best interests of business owners and residents who are facing problems with the Internal Revenue Service. His practice is dedicated to solely helping individuals and entrepreneurs resolve their daunting IRS concerns, including tax and other wage-related issues.

Having been in the service of locals in and around Northeast Ohio for almost two decades, he is one of the most recommended lawyers because he makes it a point to subscribe to ethical business practices – principles that he strives to pass on to every member of his staff.

His background and broad knowledge on the matter of tax rules and regulations, as well as his experience on handling payroll and tax cases, has made him a qualified provider of solutions for the kind of IRS tax problems Ohio taxpayers face.

What is a Tax Lien?

A lien is a legal claim on personal, real, or any other type of property which can serve as collateral against money owed to another entity – in this case the government. The need for liens usually arises in situations when taxpayers fail to pay their debt on time.

Unless the debt or obligation is satisfied, the lien placed on the property can prevent the taxpayer from selling it and from transferring the title of the property. Moreover, failure to pay your federal taxes may also lead to tax liens which can make your credit report look bad or cause you problems when you try to purchase or sell a new home or other properties.

Attorney Stauffenger Can Help You Resolve Tax Liens

It is essential to take care of lien issues before they lead to any unfavorable outcomes. Liens can put unnecessary stress on your business and you individual reputation. When it comes to dealing with tax liens, it is best to seek the assistance of a lawyer who is well-versed in this aspect of the law, someone who has dedicated his practice to tax concerns.

Armed with the knowledge on how to work with the IRS on your behalf, Atty. Stauffenger can help resolve your issues. He can compromise with the authorities in order to reach a settlement with them and arrangement for manageable payment options.

If you long to be free from your IRS tax problems in Ohio or simply learn more about how you can avoid liens, call (888) 582-4989 today and schedule a consultation with Attorney Len Stauffenger.